“Le Bonjour” Romanticism in the vault

For elegant pleasur á la francaise in our winning vault, with French sounds. Take a “Tour de France” an discover ALSACE, PROVENCE, NORTHERN & SOUTHWEST France gastronomically.

If you need a romantic table for two or a place for your family & friends, we offer you in our 
hotel-restaurant, french cuisine in comfortable ambiente.


Allows to entice you from popular ones dine like Bouillabaisse, coq au vin, classic desserts like Crème Brûleé or find something offer your taste.

Le BonjourGenießen wie in FrankreichIm Gewölbekeller

Tina Weßolleck


During the summer months, you can experience one breathe from holiday in France. Relax and enjoy french wine & classic dishes and the „savoir vivre“.