Historical of our family-company

The beginning

It started in the year 1992, with the conversion of the building.

First building the year 1856 and used as farm in the GDR.

Foundation as boarding house

Bernd und Barbara Weßollek establish the boarding house 10/03/1992 – the vault turns to a charming restaurant.

Gutshof turns to L’Auberge Gutshof and french cuisine

In the year 2000 daughter Tina came back from her training in france. The start of french cuisine an the L’Auberge Gutshof.

Annexe with traditional oven

In the year 2005 we’ve extended the house, with a bigger kitchen and the restaurant „La Stub“ for bigger company. Opening: 07/29/2005.
New possibility for cooking evets, wine tastes, cabaret evenings and family celebrations

Blue is the new colour

 We chanced the colour fort he 20th anniversary in the year 2012. The building turns from yellow to blue.

In the new brilliance

 In this time our french restaurant gets more and more attention. Visitors come from near and far to know our house and cuisine.